TTX-003 TriTone Transceiver

Tone Transmitter/Tone Receiver/DSL Detector/TDR

The TTX-003 is a high power precision tone transmitter with the ability to Non-Intrusively detect various types of DSL on working pairs, and includes a TDR for Open/Short location.


The TriTone Transceiver features:

• Graphic Pulse TDR with Zoom for Short and Open Location

• DAP 125 provides Non-Intrusive detection of working DSL and Audio Tones

• Sends 577 Hz and 987 Hz tone frequencies aids in two-man restoration operations

• Audible Tone frequency changes when short condition is detected.

• Simplex for easy pair location, TriPlex to eliminate bleed-over under adverse conditions

• Three user selectable tone amplitudes

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery

• Analog TR Voltage measurement while sending Tone

• Tip and Ring to Ground AC Volts measurements to positively identify each conductor

• AC and DC Voltmeter with db conversion for noise measurements

• Carry bag for cords and charger