ATV 25 - Specifications

Additional Features Description
Assigned Number Retrieval ANAC or CID
Working Circuit Identification POTS, T1, ISDN, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, HDSL
Modular Pair Tagging 25 pair at a time, 50 pin, Male Cinch-Jones connector and up to 100 pairs using an ATV R/T or multiple ATV-25 test sets
Bulk Pair Testing 25 pair module, 50 pin, Male Cinch-Jones connector
Reference Pair Comparison Measured or manual entry of reference open length, internal storage for four reference pairs.
Special Circuit Protection Prevents disturbing sensitive data circuits
ID Tone 577 Hz and 1004Hz @ 10Vpp
Talk/Wait Circuit 12VDC @ 40mA max.
CO List Rapid entry of CO information
Location List Rapid entry of Location information
User List Rapid entry of user information



7.85 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches


5 lbs

Operating Temp:

0 to 140° F

Power Supply:

12VDC @ 1A,
5.5 mm jack

Internal Battery:

7.2 VDC


320 x 240 LCD, backlit

PC Interface:

USB 2.0

Operation Time

Internal Battery:

8 to 10 hours

Charge Time:

4 to 6 hours
Function Range
DC Voltage ±275 V
AC Voltage 200 Vrms
Resistance 10 MΩ
Opens 110 kf
Capacitive Balance 90% to 100%
Longitudinal Balance

15 dB to
120 dB

Load Coil Detection up to 4 coils
Loss (mW reference), 3 kHz flat -3 dB to –60 dB
Metallic Noise (quiet termination), 3 kHz flat 10 dBrn to 80 dBrn
Loop Current 0 to 80 mA