D105 - Test Tone Talk

The AALogic D-105 is a totally new design for construction, restoration, and repair applications. In addition to providing much needed features for Cable Transfers and Restoration, the AALogic D-105 offers a variety of tests to locate trouble and help qualify pairs for DSL provisioning.

Features include:

Three Terminal Digital Metering

  • DC Volts
  • Resistance (Shorts/Grounds)
  • Capacitance (Distance/Balance)

Automatic Testing (Single Button Pass/Fail Testing)

  • DC fault Identification
  • Load Coil Count
  • Extended “Z stress”
  • Metallic/Longitudinal Noise
  • Leakage
  • TDR Scan

Tone Generators

  • Data Safe Simplex (Quiet Tone)
  • Metallic (Tip to Ring, Ring, and Tip Tones)
  • TriPlex (Reduced tone bleed over to other pairs)
  • Short Detect, Audible, and Visual
  • Monitors Tone Levels and Line Voltage
  • Remote Short Detector (Changes Tone Pattern)

Special Circuit Type Identification

Frequency Scan

Speaker Line Monitor for Audio and Data traffic

DAP-105/DAP-125 Compatible

  • Differential Tone Probe with filtering

Constant Current Talk Battery with Connect Notification

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Sunlight Readable Graphic Display

  • Backlight for low light conditions